Candle Review – Bath & Body Works “Autumn”

Name: Autumn

Company: Bath & Body Works

Type: Three Wick Jar

Burn Time: 25-45 Hours

Official Scent Notes/Description: Bright Red Gala Apple, Juicy Fig, Eucalyptus Leaf, Fir Balsam

Purchased in Fall 2016, this one has probably 20 hours of burn time currently on it. This is an extremely popular BBW fragrance.

It’s surprisingly complex, and I get different things each time I burn it. The thing it most reminds me of is the scent of an apple orchard right on the cusp of when all the leaves will be turning. The apple note is very subtle, with the eucalyptus and balsam being the main parts that I smell.

However, I know of others that swear up and down this is an apple candle first and foremost, so perhaps this particular pour was a bit out of whack? I just don’t get a lot of apple in this.

It has a crispness yet earthy-ness that every once in a while gives off a hint of sourness. Maybe even a bit of a medicinal vibe at other times. As I said earlier, it’s sort of slightly different each time I light it.

I’ve found that this candle has tremendous throw- so much so that the first few times it was lit I thought it was almost too overpowering. Perhaps it’s just my nose getting used to it, but it seems to of “worn in” and now makes itself known without being obnoxious.

I know several folks that absolutely adore Autumn, and while I do like it, I wouldn’t put it in my personal upper echelon. I’d probably give it a 7 out 10 for appeal. Hopefully when picking this up next year I get more apple in the mix! I can see myself really digging this if that’s the case.