Review – Lemax Wheel of Horror

An amusement park isn’t really an amusement park without a Ferris Wheel, and therefore the retired Wheel or Horror is one of the most sought after pieces on the collectors market. Let’s have a look.

Product Line: Lemax Spooky Town. Introduced in 2010.

Price: Retired

Animation: Yes – The big wheel rotates slowly and the individual carts hang off the frame and react like real ones.

Sounds: Yes- Spooky carnival music plays, an ominous carnival barker shouts “Ride the Wheel of Horror…if you dare!”, and you can hear some of the riders talking among themselves.

Lights: Yes – This is a very well lit piece as the the entire wheel is pretty much illuminated. The skull centerpiece is particularly cool. A black light turns on and off depending on when the vampire is “talking” to hosts. It’s spectacular and looks like something you’d find in an awesome Halloween theme park.

Just a quick note that this piece is slightly damaged as one of the street lamps doesn’t turn on thanks to a shipping mishap.

The first thing that jumps out about the Wheel of Horror is how massive the thing is. It’s one of the biggest Spooky Town pieces and as far as scale goes, those worrying about it being too small need not.

The wheel’s rotation is super quiet so potentially bothersome noise isn’t an issue.

There are graves dotting the base of the Wheel, and each of them has different text describing those who died while riding. Very cool detail!

The construction of the piece is of good quality with nice paint/finish. Even when not lit up, it’s a real head turner.

The Wheel of Horror is one of the best carnival pieces that Lemax has produced. If you can get your hands on one (in good condition) you will not be disappointed!