Candle Review – Bath & Body Works “Cider Lane”

Name: Cider Lane

Company: Bath & Body Works

Type: Three Wick Jar

Burn Time: 25-45 Hours

Official Scent Notes/Description: Warm Caramel, Granny Smith Apple, Dark Brown Sugar & Ground Clove will take you out to the apple orchard for a warm fall day of apple picking.

I figure for my first candle review I should start off with a good one, and a good one this is. Cider Lane is one of my top fall candles, and that’s including other manufacturer’s offerings as well.

It smells like a very authentic caramel apple, where you can almost taste the biting crunch of a fresh Granny Smith. I can’t stress the authenticity enough- it comes across as very natural.

A whiff of this instantly puts me in a fall mood, reminiscent of a town fair or something like that where you might find a sweet, hand dipped caramel apple.

The brown sugar and clove are recognizable as well, helping to round the scent out, but the apple and caramel are the main event here.

Bath and Body Works candles are notorious for burn times that are all over the place, but I have a good 25 hours in this particular one and it’s only half way there.

This candle was purchased in Fall 2016, but given its popularity you can bet that it will be back in 2017. They are also all over Amazon and eBay. If you love apples and caramel, I strongly recommend Cider Lane!