Review – Department 56 Haunted Fun House

Anyone that’s ever attended a fall Halloween carnival almost certainly has memories of running through a spooky fun house. Zany mirrors, fog machines, optical illusions, clowns that jump out- you know what I mean! And for those mini-villages with a spooky carnival motif, well, it just isn’t complete without one.

Since Halloween villaging became popular in the early 2000’s there have been several releases that fit the bill, but few are as sought after as the Department 56 Haunted Fun House. Although it’s long been retired, this D56 piece is routinely something you’ll find on many villager’s want lists. Is it worth tracking one down? Read on to find out.

Product Line: Department 56 Snow Village Halloween

Price: N/A as the piece is retired. You can find it on eBay for various prices/conditions.

Animation: Yes – The tunnel w/ the costumed devil rotates.

Sounds: No music or sound effects, and the mechanical volume is whisper quiet.

Lights: Yes – The aforementioned tunnel is lit up as it rotates, eyeball slots blink, and there is an internal bulb.





A couple notes – I snagged this Haunted Fun House from a garage sale, and outside of a couple scuffs and the moon having a slight crack, it’s in good condition with the figures still like new.

The Fun House comes with two figurines- a clown w/ costumed kid that are attached and a youngster dressed as a cowboy that has pegs in its feet that insert into the suspension bridge.

The first thing that jumped out at me upon first opening the box was just how detailed this house is. There are lots of little things to pick out that you may miss at first glance – a snake on a tree, a wolf up top, busted up signage on the roof- it’s excellent. D56 is known for their high quality paint jobs and that’s definitely the case here.

The animated spinning tunnel is very nice and makes hardly any noise, so this piece can be run all the time without the noisy distractions you get from other certain mechanized houses.

The lighting on the fun house is great in an understated way. It’s not going to illuminate your whole display or strobe like a Daft Punk concert, but the light from the tunnel and spooky glowing eyes are perfect for the theme. They give the impression that there is a lot going on within the walls.

If you can find one in good working condition (preferably for a price that doesn’t break the bank) the D56 Haunted Fun House is a great addition to your village….especially if you have a carnival!