Review – My Village 2-in-1 Halloween/Fall Village Background

Since getting into villaging last year I had been looking to step up my game and get a background this year. I’ve just scored a My Village 2-in-1 Halloween / Fall Background piece, so let’s have a look, shall we?

I purchased my background direct from My Village, and they retail for right around $50. In addition to the Halloween/Fall getup, they also have various Christmas/Winter backgrounds for those of you that also do Snow Villages.


Upon receiving my background, the first thing that jumped out at me was the quality. From the storage case to the actual product, everything felt and looked top flight.

The backboard is folds out in segments and with max dimensions of 45″ wide x 15″ tall, it’s perfect for everything from small to middle sized villages. If you have an even bigger display you can purchase multiple ones as they can connect to create a seamless extension and go as far as you need.

The 120 lbs cardboard is laminated with a matte finish for durability and so when using a vibrant lit up display you won’t get a ton of glare. It very much feels like the material of a high quality board game.

One of the other nice features is that it featured notched bottoms to easily run power cables through and hide outlets/power bricks.

my-village-halloween-background-4 my-village-halloween-background-5

As you can see in the pics, it flips over so the user can choose between a fall or spooky scene….but this IS “Spooky Villages” so we are focusing on that particular one.

The Halloween scene looks fantastic and includes many staples of the genre, all rendered with a whimsical storybook look- pumpkin patch, full moon, graveyard, wolfman, and a haunted house. Very cool!

Many folks create their own background by using various techniques, but if you want something ready to rock out of the box that looks to be able to hold up for many a season, the My Village 2-in-1 is just the ticket. You’ll be seeing this background quite a bit around here, from now on!