Review – Lemax Last House On The Left

Those of you who are into ghosts and/or traditional looking haunted houses are probably aware of the Last House of the Left. If you aren’t familiar with the piece, well, you are about to be!

Product Line: Lemax Spooky Town, introduced in 2013.

Price: $70.99 on

Animation: Yes – Ghosts spin around the back of the house (via the installation of a pinwheel like device into a rear slot) and rotate in the front window via a wheel.

Sounds: Yes, scary music plays with a crack of thunder every once in awhile. There is no voice work.

Lights: Yes – It has eerie green lights illuminating many of the external features, including where the ghosts fly around behind the house, purple and orange lights around the porch, and then white lights that flash synced up with the soundtrack to simulate thunder. The inside of the house is bathed in purple light thanks to a bulb behind the ghost window.

Whenever you are trying to explain mini-villaging to someone, it’s normally best to just show them a cool house or two as a demonstration. Last House on the Left should be one of said houses. It’s a top flight offering in the Spooky Town line.

While having sound effects is a cool addition to almost all pieces, they tend to get old pretty fast as listening to the same lines over and over again can get repetitive. Last House on the Left eschews this trend by offering scary music and sound effects with no voice over. It actually works well enough to leave it on and add ambiance to your display without using external music.

The paint and finish on the piece are very good, specifically the ghost window that rotates. The rear pin wheel installs easy enough and while when first firing up the house it was a bit jerky, as I’ve run it more it appears to have broken in and keeps getting smoother.

The lighting deserves special mention here as it’s about as good as it gets when it comes to a haunted house. It’s a real show piece and I’d recommend displaying it close to your background as the light looks even better with something to bounce off of.


If you enjoy haunted houses and mini-villaging, Last House on the Left needs to be added to your collection. It’s one of my favorite pieces and is a real stand-out in any display!