Looking Forward to 2017

Hey all, Doug here.

Apologies for the lack of updates starting around mid-July (although I have been posting stuff on the Facebook page, so please like that!). When coming up with the idea of the site last spring I had to do all of the web development, graphics, etc BEFORE even getting to the point where I could start generating content. I then wound up purchasing a large quantity of items for my collection to have for review and tried churning them out as fast as I could. That, combined with full time work, my kids and other hobbies….I was pretty burnt out by mid-summer.

The good news though is that my batteries are recharged and all of the overhead stuff is now done, so for 2017 Spooky Villages will be much more active. I plan on getting going during the spring, which is typically when news for the season’s upcoming buildings starts trickling out.

Last year I also wound up getting into scented candles, especially Fall/Halloween candles, and their decorative accessories. They accent your spooky villages very well and I intend to do some write-ups on them from time to time as well. I love all Halloween decorations so don’t be surprised if their are other things I write about related to the holiday.

Anyways, I just wanted to let people know that the site is very much active, I just got bogged down with all the logistical stuff in starting a website. Here’s to a great 2017!