Getting Into Scented Candles and How They Add to Halloween Fun

One of the resources that helped me get into mini-villaging was the Halloween Forum. While they have excellent yearly Spooky Town discussions, all things Halloween are discussed on there. One particular thread caught my eye because of how active it was – the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch.

Previous to visiting that thread, I had a vague familiarity of who Yankee Candle was (all thanks to an ex-girlfriend of mine that would drag me in there every once in awhile) and absolutely no clue what “Boney Bunch” was. I just knew that there were A LOT of people into it.

My curiosity was stoked even more by a Facebook page that I saw linked time and time again – Boney Bunch Love – which seemed super active with people rabidly into it.

Turns out that the Boney Bunch are a line of cool looking skeleton candle holders that Yankee Candle sells. “Hey, maybe I should check a Yankee Candle store out?”, I said. My wallet hates me for that fateful decision.

While the Boney Bunch may have gotten me in the door, ultimately they weren’t my cup of tea. What WAS, however, was finding out that a world of kickass Halloween decorations existed that I was clueless about.

Yankee Candle (as well as Bath and Body Works, their main competitor) sell a full line of great looking and smelling candles and accessories that really liven up the season.

My wife had burned candles from time to time but I never really paid attention to it. After seeing light up haunted houses, witch cauldrons and other crazy accessories that also put off the smell of a real pumpkin patch (or apple orchard, or haunted house…yes they have candles that smell like a haunted attraction) I was game.

So 7 months (and hundreds of dollars!) later I’m a big fan of both scented candles and their accessories. It was a lot of fun having them out during Halloween and they accented my haunted village.

For that reason you’ll be seeing reviews of them on here – don’t worry, they are all Halloween/Fall themed – as I think others like me would potentially enjoy getting into them as well.