Review – Lemax Nightmare on Oak Street

Product Line: Lemax Spooky Town. Introduced in 2007. Retired in 2015.

Price: Retired

Animation: No

Sounds: No

Lights: Yes – While this piece isn’t big, it features vibrant lighting that accents its bright colors. There are purple lights that go around the front of the roof structure and that illuminate the dog house. The skull on the porch is lit up red. The pumpkins on the staircase are orange and the warped lamp post is green. Lots of variety in color!

Nightmare on Oak Street takes the already fantastical idea of a Spooky Town haunted house and gives it a crazy “storybook-ification” by stretching the proportions slightly and giving it a day-glo orange color. You ain’t gonna overlook this piece in your line-up, that’s for sure.

You know the scary looking house at the end of your block? Good. Now, imagine it while tripping acid. That’s the best description I can give for this building!

As mentioned in the lighting section above, it gives off a lot of shine when illuminated. I really like the skull above the door in particular.

The paint and finish on this piece (mine is from 2008) look very good. The pumpkin head monster is done very well and is probably the most pronounced detail, but all the parts make up a great whole.

This piece has been retired for a couple years now but was produced for almost a decade, so you can easily find it on eBay or from a collector for a fair price. Anywhere from $30 to $40 seems reasonable to me.


I’m a big fan of Nightmare on Oak Street and find that it can really liven up your traditional neighborhood. If you like the vibrant colors and lights, it’s a strong recommend.