Review – Lemax Spooky Treehouse

Let’s have a look at the retired Lemax Spooky Town accessory “Hungry Tree House”.

Product Line: Lemax Spooky Town. Introduced in 2006, retired in 2008.

Price: Retired

Animation: No

Sounds: No

Lights: Yes, there are multiple colored lights. They are static i.e. no blinking or strobe effect.

The Hungry Treehouse is one of my favorite accessories. It’s a treehouse that looks like it’s trying to eat kids….what’s not to like?!

This piece is very much in the same vein as Nightmare on Oak Street, as it’s a surreal take on a haunted tree house that comes alive.

The finish on this piece is very detailed with a great paint job. The branches of the tree serve as hands trying to lure trick or treaters with a rope filled with candy. The white picket fence serve as teeth and the windows as eyes. Very cool.

It also has a good amount of light as various colors are used for everything. The eyes in particular are a great piercing red.

The Hungry Treehouse was not sold for very long and what a shame that is. It’s a piece that everyone should have in their Spooky Town collection, especially if you have a neighborhood scene!